Mastering the Golf Swing

Two-Day Core Great Shot! School with add-on options for three and four-day schools

GREAT SHOT! is about results - lower scores, longer drives, laser-accurate approach shots with your irons - consistent golf shots. The only way to begin to achieve those kind of results is through real ball striking skill. Great Shot! will give you that skill - and the learning will stick! Great Shot! is the most thoroughly researched, tested and proven golf swing learning program in the game today. Our innovative rapid learning system uses special drills, lecture, demonstration, question/answer session, visual aids, video analysis and unique training aids that enable each student to quickly grasp the essential golf swing fundamentals.

Experience this award-winning golf school that Golf Magazine cited as one of their Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation - "...alumni of the schools told us that their experiences were overwhelmingly positive in helping them to breakthrough to playing better golf."

Discover the little known (and rarely taught) keys to developing a powerful, accurate, and consistent golf swing. We go way beyond mere theory at this golf school. You will experience the effortless power of a fundamentally correct golf swing! This is not your usual golf swing mechanics golf school. Our integrative mind/body approach cuts through all the mechanical confusion so that the golf swing finally makes sense.

In Great Shot! you will also learn how to practice effectively and how to make swing changes effectively and permanently - a blueprint for a lifetime of continual game improvement. If you want to be a shotmaker, to leave "ordinary" golf behind (slicing, pulling, chunking, topping, etc.), take this golf school and find out how good a player you can be!

Recommended highly for the following classes of golfers: struggling high handicappers, experienced low to mid handicap players who suffer from ball striking inconsistency, the serious student of golf swing theory looking for the final answer to the so-called "mystery" of the golf swing and any golfer who is truly committed to mastering a powerful and effective golf swing. This is our most popular golf school.

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Twice chosen by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation.

Golf Digest has named Jim Waldron as a Best Teacher in State for Oregon.

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