Rip It to the Target!

Half-Day School on the Art of Shotmaking

This is one of our most popular golf schools and the one school that is guaranteed to immediately and dramatically improve the quality of your golf shots. All of our Rip It graduates have told us that this school opened their minds to a new and much more effective and fun way of both playing golf and practicing on the range. We know of no other golf school on the planet that can achieve this kind of significant improvement in ball flight results. The confidence boost this school will give you will amaze you! Although this is a mental game golf school, this is not some kind of New Age positive thinking seminar - you will be on the practice range the entire day hitting a lot of golf balls to a precise target!

This school is about where and how to focus your mind during the two-second duration of your golf swing. It is also about "flinch-proofing" your golf swing, overcoming the destructive belief that the golf ball is the target ("ball-bound") and overcoming the very common impulse to "do something" to "help out" during impact. Learn how to overcome the Hit Impulse and Manipulation Impulse using our powerful drills and start to hit the golf ball like you have always dreamed you could! You will learn why "swing thoughts" not only don't work, but actually tend to make you flinch during the swing. You will also learn how to access the most powerful way to enter the Zone - Positive Indifference or "not caring" during your golf swing. Overcoming doubt, fear and lack of commitment to your golf shot are an important part of this golf school. How to trigger your golf swing automatically and the basic elements of an effective pre-shot routine are also covered.

Are you tense, "frozen" over the ball and worried about the outcome of the shot you are about to hit? Do you "flinch" during your swing, especially at impact? Do you steer the club through the impact zone? Are your drives typically sliced and/or lacking in distance? Do you count down a 20-point checklist of swing thoughts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this golf school. Rip it to the Target! is about restoring confidence, trust and freedom to your golf swing, the essential prerequisites for distance, accuracy and consistency.

Rip It to the Target dates & rates:

NOTE: This golf school is a Great Shot! golf school supplemental program and is strongly recommended to every student attending the Great Shot! golf school. (Tuition is reduced when taken along with Great Shot!). Great Shot! teaches the craft of ball striking - the physical fundamentals common to all great ballstrkers - while Rip It to the Target teachers the art of shotmaking, the mental fundamentals that all great players have mastered. You need both sets of fundamentals to be the best that you can be!

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Twice chosen by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation.

Golf Digest has named Jim Waldron as a Best Teacher in State for Oregon.

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