The Ultimate Golf Swing School

Six-Day Boot Camp for the Passionate Golfer

Note: This golf school is only offered twice each year on the US mainland during the summer in Portland, winter in Palm Springs and once a year in the winter months in Hawaii. Enrollment is severely limited due to our maximum of just three students. We strongly recommend making your reservation for this premiere golf school as early as possible in order to be guaranteed a spot. Please refer to the Portland Golf Schools information above for more detailed information on the Portland program.

Take our Ultimate Golf Swing Challenge: Can we teach you - in just five days - how to hit a golf ball longer and straighter than you ever thought possible, and most importantly, to do so with real shotmaking consistency? We say emphatically and enthusiastically "YES!" Try our intensive "boot camp" golf swing mastery program and find out how a good a ball striker you can truly's like getting a PHD in Golf Swing Fundamentals.

This is our Platinum golf swing school for the dedicated player who is truly committed to learning how he or she can master the elusive art of ballstriking. For the serious player, passionate about the game of golf, wishing to master a high quality golf swing in the shortest possible time! Five full days of hands on, personalized instruction from nationally renowned Master Teacher Jim Waldron and staff. Whether you are a low handicap player who wants to breakthrough to a higher level of shotmaking, a struggling intermediate golfer who is sick and tired of inconsistent golf shots, or a beginner who has fallen in love with the game and wants to start out right, our Ultimate Swing School will help you to achieve your goals of better golf.

This golf school is an expanded version of our nationally acclaimed Great Shot! full swing golf school combined with our cutting edge mental game training school Rip It to the Target. Students train intensively in this golf school using a series of powerful drills that program the proper golf swing into your subconscious memory bank.. This golf school is limited to a maximum of just three students with an average student/teacher ratio of 2:1 to insure that each student receives the highest possible amount of personal attention.

The extra time in this school - compared to our usual two-day Great Shot! golf swing school - is devoted to "supervised practice," or drills designed to deeply ingrain the new swing fundamental pattern deeply into your subconscious mind. Your new swing pattern will be programmed into your short-term memory circuits by the time you leave the golf school. Daily practice at home and once a week range practice in the following months will ingrain the new swing pattern into long term memory.

If your goal is to finally learn how to hit the ball farther, straighter, and more consistently than you had ever dreamed possible, this is the program for you! The Ultimate Swing School is a powerful golf learning experience that covers all of the mechanical, physical, mental, and emotional fundamentals of shotmaking. Our one of a kind Dynamic Swing fitting system matches your unique "golf swing fingerprint" to the Balance Point Swing Model that best fits your athletic ability, body type and skill level.

Six full days of powerful "total immersion" learning with the most thoroughly researched, tested and proven golf instruction program on the planet. Includes 190 page training manual, video swing analysis, range fees, a one hour post-graduation consultation about your customized personal practice program and a complimentary one hour video swing analysis lesson after graduation.

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Twice chosen by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation.

Golf Digest has named Jim Waldron as a Best Teacher in State for Oregon.

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