Portland, Oregon Schools - May through October

Our Pacific Northwest golf schools are held at Quail Valley Golf Course, 20 minutes west of Portland, Oregon.

All golf school hours are 9:30AM - 5:30PM except where noted.
Average student/teacher ratio: 3 to 1
Average class size: 3-5 students. Maximum of 8.

All golf schools are taught by Jim Waldron and a staff of assistant instructors.

Choose from our regularly scheduled schools or create a private custom school with Master teacher Jim Waldron by calling 1-503-997-2063 or email us.

Note: The tuition rates listed below are for our Portland golf schools only and do not include lodging.


Mastering the Golf Swing

Two-Day Core Great Shot! School

Two-day School Dates:  June 9-10, July 14-15, August 26-27, October 14-15

See dates for supplemental three and four-day Great Shot! school options below.

GREAT SHOT! is about results - lower scores, longer drives, laser-accurate approach shots with your irons - consistent golf shots. The only way to begin to achieve those kind of results is through real ball striking skill. Great Shot! will give you that skill - and the learning will stick! Great Shot! is the most thoroughly researched, tested and proven golf swing learning program in the game today. Our innovative rapid learning system uses special drills, lecture, demonstration, question/answer sessions, visual aids, video analysis and unique training aids that enable each student to quickly grasp the essential golf swing fundamentals.

Experience this award-winning golf school that Golf Magazine cited as one of their Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation - "...alumni of the schools told us that their experiences were overwhelmingly positive in helping them to breakthrough to playing better golf."

Discover the little known (and rarely taught) keys to developing a powerful, accurate, and consistent golf swing. We go way beyond mere theory at this golf school. You will experience the effortless power of a fundamentally correct golf swing! This is not your usual golf swing mechanics golf school. Our integrative mind/body approach cuts through all the mechanical confusion so that the golf swing finally makes sense. Great Shot! is our “ballstriking boot camp” – 7.25 hours of cutting-edge instruction per day, for two consecutive days. This “Total Immersion” format allows for rapid learning of new body movement patterns.

In Great Shot! you will also learn how to practice effectively and how to make swing changes effectively and permanently - a blueprint for a lifetime of continual game improvement. If you want to be a shot maker, to leave "ordinary" golf behind (slicing, pulling, chunking, topping, etc.), take this golf school and find out how good a player you can be!

Recommended highly for the following classes of golfers: struggling high handicappers, experienced low to mid handicap players who suffer from ball striking inconsistency, the serious student of golf swing theory looking for the final answer to the so-called "mystery" of the golf swing and any golfer who is truly committed to mastering a powerful and effective golf swing. This is our most popular golf school.

Includes a 30 minute practice program consultation after graduation by telephone, a complimentary 30 minute video swing analysis lesson either in-person or via internet, a 200 page training manual, range fees, and lunch daily.

9:30AM - 5:30PM daily

Two-day School Tuition: $1,195  Minimum of three students.

Great Shot Three-day Option

Dates: June 8-10, July 13-15, October 13-15

The two day weekend Great Shot! golf school, plus our One Day Short Game school,  always held on a Friday, the day before Great Shot! This program features a half day of putting and a half day of short game instruction: chipping, pitching and bunker shots. Mastering the short game and putting skills is one of the most effective ways to quickly and easily lower your golf scores. This short game program is a great opportunity for our “out of town” Great Shot! students to work on their short game skills one-on-one with Jim Waldron  while in Portland. If you struggle with inconsistent and poor chips, pitches and bunker shots, and if you miss a lot of your short putts and three-putt often – this is the school for you!

9:30AM - 5:30PM daily

Tuition: $1,695  Minimum of three students.

Great Shot! Four-day option: The Complete Golfer School

Dates: June 7-10, July 12-15, October 12-15

The three-day option above plus a fourth day, starting on Thursday, the day before the One Day Short Game golf school. This fourth day is the half-day version of our acclaimed Rip It to the Target school, designed to quickly lower your golf scores by mastering the mental game. Topics covered include: mental focus training, confidence-building, overcoming the Hit Impulse and Ball-Bound Syndrome, pre-shot routine, eliminating over-thinking and “paralysis from over-analysis”, and how to “flinch-proof” your golf swing and short game strokes. This is our “how to play golf” program that will show you how take your range swing to the golf course, and how to use your mind in peak performance mode, so that you can breakthrough to playing extraordinary golf. The Complete Golfer School option is the best choice for the golfer who is truly serious about improving at all levels of his or her game. Two full days of intensive golf swing instruction, half-day of mental game instruction, and one day of short game and putting instruction.

1:30PM - 6:00PM the first day, then 9:30AM - 5:30PM daily

Tuition: $1,995  Minimum of three students.

Half-Day School on the art of shotmaking

Dates: June 7, July 12, October 12

This is one of our most popular golf schools and the one school that is guaranteed to immediately and dramatically improve the quality of your golf shots. All of our Rip It graduates have told us that this school opened their minds to a new and much more effective and fun way of both playing golf and practicing on the range. We know of no other golf school on the planet that can achieve this kind of significant improvement in ball flight results. The confidence boost this school will give you will amaze you! Although this is a mental game golf school, this is not some kind of New Age positive thinking seminar - you will be on the practice range the entire day hitting a lot of golf balls to a precise target!

This school is about where and how to focus your mind during the two second duration of your golf swing. It is also about "flinch-proofing" your golf swing, overcoming the destructive belief that the golf ball is the target ("ball-bound") and overcoming the very common impulse to "do something" to "help out" during impact. Learn how to overcome the Hit Impulse and Manipulation Impulse using our powerful drills and start to hit the golf ball like you have always dreamed you could! You will learn why "swing thoughts" not only don't work, but actually tend to make you flinch during the swing. You will also learn how to access the most powerful way to enter the Zone - Positive Indifference or "not caring" during your golf swing. Overcoming doubt, fear and lack of commitment to your golf shot are an important part of this golf school. How to trigger your golf swing automatically and the basic elements of an effective pre-shot routine are also covered.

Are you tense, "frozen" over the ball and worried about the outcome of the shot you are about to hit? Do you "flinch" during your swing, especially at impact? Do you steer the club through the impact zone? Are your drives typically sliced and/or lacking in distance? Do you count down a 20 point checklist of swing thoughts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this golf school. Rip it to the Target! is about restoring confidence, trust and freedom to your golf swing, the essential prerequisites for distance, accuracy and consistency.

Half-Day School: 1:30PM - 6:00PM
Tuition: $350   Minimum of three students.

NOTE: This golf school is a Great Shot! golf school supplement and is strongly recommended to every student attending the Great Shot! golf school and is always held on the Wednesday before the Great Shot! school. (Tuition is reduced when the half-day school is taken along with Great Shot!). Great Shot! teaches the craft of ball striking  - the physical fundamentals common to all great ballstrkers - while Rip It to the Target teaches the art of shotmaking, the mental fundamentals that all great players have mastered. You need both sets of fundamentals to be the best that you can be!

Mastering the shots from 120 yards in to the hole is one of the fastest ways to lower your scores. Our Short Game Specialty Schools are each one full day of cutting-edge instruction covering all of the fundamentals of that specific skill.

One-Day School

Dates: June 3, July 1, August 3, September 2, October 19

Learn the few simple mechanical fundamentals common to all great putters: grip, grip pressure, setup, posture, aim, and putting stroke mechanics. How to virtually eliminate three-putt greens. Why confidence - not "perfect" mechanics - is the secret of great putting. Proven short putt strategies. How to develop a sensitive "touch" for precision distance control. Tour proven, cutting-edge techniques that will dramatically improve your putting and quickly lower your score. The art of reading greens, putting mental focus exercises, and pre-shot routine are also covered in this program. We cover long, medium and short putts in this school. We also discuss the dreaded "yips" - the causes and the cure if you suffer from them, and how to prevent the yips from gaining a foothold in your putting stroke.

We believe this is the most effective putting school in all of golf, and the results that our putting school graduates are achieving back up that claim! Putting comprises about 30% of your strokes in a round of golf (not including the "kick-in" or "gimme" very short putts) and thus is a key component of any effective score improvement program. With minimal time invested in practice (especially compared to full swing changes), you can experience significant improvement to your average score by working on your putting game. Take this fun and enlightening all day putting school and amaze your golfing buddies (and yourself!) with how quickly you can master the art of putting and quickly bring down those golf scores. One of our most popular golf schools!

9:30AM - 5:30PM

Tuition: $595   Minimum of three students.

One-Day School

Dates: June 4, July 2, August 4, September 3, October 20

Why mastering the “wedge game” and the art of chipping and pitching can immediately save you 6-10 strokes per round of golf. Learn the basic mechanics of the chipping and pitching strokes, a proven method for controlling distance with your wedges, a fool proof method for getting out of greenside bunkers and close to the pin. and short game pre-shot routine. How to overcome the chipping "yips", how to “flop” it close to the hole, and the secret to playing the 30-50 yard wedge shot. Take this one day school and learn how to master the art of getting "up and down" from around the greens.

9:30AM - 5:30PM

Tuition: $595  Minimum of three students.

One-Day School

Dates:  June 8, July 13, August 17, October 13   Always held the Friday before the Great Shot! school.

A one day program featuring intensive instruction focused primarily on helping our students to acquire real skill in the mechanics of an effective chipping, pitching, wedge and putting strokes. This is a fast way to really breakthrough to lower scores. The morning session is devoted to chipping, pitching and bunkers shot technique, and putting fundamentals are covered in the afternoon session. This school is always held on the Thursday before our Great Shot! golf schools so that our out of town students attending Great Shot! will also have the opportunity to work on their Short Game with Jim Waldron while they are in the Portland area.

9:30AM - 5:30PM

Tuition: $595  Minimum of three students.

Dates: June 3-4, July 1-2, August 3-4, September 2-3, October 19-20

Learn how to master the complete scoring game skills of putting, chipping, pitching, bunker shots, wedge distance control and specialty wedge shots. Especially recommended to two classes of golfers: high handicappers who struggle with high scores due to poor short game fundamentals and intermediate to low handicap players who have already mastered their golf swing fundamentals (like our Great Shot! graduates) who are seeking the competitive edge a good short game affords.Taking this two consecutive days “boot camp” on the short game is one of the fastest ways we know of to dramatic improvement in your golf score!

Day One: Putting. Day Two: Chipping and pitching. Bunker shots, flop shots, low spinning wedge shot, partial wedge shot distance control method, specialty wedge shots.

9:30AM - 5:30PM daily

Tuition: $1,295 Minimum of three students.

Six-Day Boot Camp for the Passionate Golfer

Dates: August 22-24 and 26-28 (August 25 is a rest day.)

Note: This golf school is only offered twice each year on the US mainland during the summer in Portland, winter in Palm Springs and once a year in the winter months in Hawaii. Enrollment is severely limited due to our maximum of just four students. We strongly recommend making your reservation for this premiere golf school as early as possible in order to be guaranteed a spot. Please refer to the Portland Golf Schools information above for more detailed information on the Portland program.

Take our Ultimate Golf Swing Challenge: Can we teach you - in just six days - how to hit a golf ball longer and straighter than you ever thought possible, and most importantly, to do so with real shotmaking consistency? We say emphatically and enthusiastically "YES!" Try our intensive "boot camp" golf swing mastery program and find out how a good a ball striker you can truly be...it's like getting a PHD in Golf Swing Fundamentals.

This is our Platinum golf swing school for the dedicated player who is truly committed to learning how he or she can master the elusive art of ballstriking. For the serious player, passionate about the game of golf, wishing to master a high quality golf swing in the shortest possible time! Six full days of hands on, personalized instruction from nationally renowned Master Teacher Jim Waldron and staff. Whether you are a low handicap player who wants to breakthrough to a higher level of shotmaking, a struggling intermediate golfer who is sick and tired of inconsistent golf shots, or a beginner who has fallen in love with the game and wants to start out right, our Ultimate Swing School will help you to achieve your goals of better golf.

This golf school is an expanded version of our nationally acclaimed Great Shot! full swing golf school combined with our cutting edge mental game training school Rip It to the Target. Students train intensively in this golf school using a series of powerful drills that program the proper golf swing into your subconscious memory bank.. This golf school is limited to a maximum of just four students with an average student/teacher ratio of 2:1 to insure that each student receives the highest possible amount of personal attention.

The extra time in this school - compared to our usual three day Great Shot! golf swing school - is devoted to "supervised practice," or drills designed to deeply ingrain the new swing fundamental pattern deeply into your subconscious mind. Your new swing pattern will be programmed into your short-term memory circuits by the time you leave the golf school. Daily practice at home and once a week range practice in the following months will ingrain the new swing pattern into long term memory.

If your goal is to finally learn how to hit the ball farther, straighter, and more consistently than you had ever dreamed possible, this is the program for you! The Ultimate Swing School is a powerful golf learning experience that covers all of the mechanical, physical, mental, and emotional fundamentals of shotmaking. Our one of a kind Dynamic Swing fitting system matches your unique "golf swing fingerprint" to the Balance Point Swing Model that best fits your athletic ability, body type and skill level.

Six full days of powerful "total immersion" learning with the most thoroughly researched, tested and proven golf instruction program on the planet. Includes 225 page training manual, video swing analysis, range fees, a one hour post-graduation consultation about your customized personal practice program and a complimentary one hour video swing analysis lesson after graduation.

Small group instruction from 9:15 AM to 4:30PM. Individual instruction and supervised practice from 4:30PM to 6:00PM daily.

Maximum of just four students.

Tuition: $4,595

Our Private Custom Golf Schools allow you to create your own schedule and personalized, one-on-one instruction with Master Teacher Jim Waldron. Private schools can be taken with a spouse, a child or a friend.

We also offer Small Group Private Custom Golf Schools for your group of golfing buddies or corporate colleagues. The small group schools can include up to twelve students in the group, and the teaching staff will include one or more assistant instructors, as well as Jim Waldron as the lead instructor. Please visit our Private Custom Schools page for a description of private golf school options and rates.

How to Register: Give us a call at 1-503-997-2063 or email us and we will complete the registration process with you in a few minutes time. A deposit is required to hold your space in the golf school.

  • Jim Waldron personally conducts each golf school, along with several assistant instructors.
  • Pre-school Game Evaluation interview
  • Mental game coaching
  • One on one instruction
  • Complimentary 30 minute video swing analysis lesson for our Great Shot! and Private school graduates (full day schools only), either in person or via Internet, one month after graduation
  • Video analysis of swing or short game
  • Snacks and beverages on the practice range
  • Unlimited use of practice range, golf balls & training aids from 8:30AM till dusk
  • Additional personal coaching available from 5:00 - 5:30PM at no charge for Great Shot! students
  • Comprehensive Training Manual (not included for some one day golf schools)
  • Free follow-up support/coaching after graduation by phone and email
  • Equipment Evaluation (for Great Shot! and Two Day Short Game students only)
  • Golf Fitness Evaluation
  • Golf Flexibility Training
  • Golf swing Body Type evaluation (Great Shot! students only)
  • Some golf schools also include green fees and on course professional instruction

A deposit is required at time of registration. One day school - $200 deposit. Two to four day schools - $400 deposit. Five to six day schools - $500 deposit. Final tuition balance is due in full 21 days prior to the school. Checks, Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Cancellation policy: All deposits less the following cancellation fees will be refunded upon written notice of cancellation at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the school. Cancellation Fees: Up to 45 days prior to the beginning of the school - $50; 35-44 days prior - 50% of deposit; 21-34 days prior - 100% of deposit; 15-20 days prior - 50% of full tuition. There are no refunds for cancellations made within 14 days or less of the school. Last minute cancellations caused by a medical emergency and verified by a doctor's letter will be assessed a penalty of the full deposit and a credit issued for the remaining tuition paid to be used by the student within one year.

We reserve the right to re-schedule or cancel a golf school as required by weather, limited enrollment, or extenuating circumstances. We recommend out-of-town students do not purchase airline tickets until our office verifies the school will be held.

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Golf Digest has named Jim Waldron as a Best Teacher in State for Oregon.

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