Real game improvement, award-winning instruction, an intensive golf learning experience, our unique "alternative" approach, lots of fun, real value for your investment of time and money and our graduate Follow Up Support Program.

  • Results - our student's improve. Permanently! Our track record for turning out highly successful golf students at both the recreational and competitive levels is legendary in the golf instruction industry. Balance Point Golf School students achieve real shotmaking consistency, lower scores and more enjoyment from the game. Students tell us they hit the ball solid, longer, and straighter both during our schools and months after graduation. And they continue to improve due to our proven golf skills practice program. But don't just take our word for it. Click here to read the many positive testimonials from our graduates. We are happy to provide serious inquiries with a list of our graduates who are eager to share their Balance Point golf school experience with you.
  • Our quality of instruction is unparalleled in the golf school industry. Jim Waldron has won numerous teaching awards and our school was awarded Golf Magazine's prestigious Top 25 Golf School award twice, in 2001-2002 and 2003-2004, and was a nominee for this award in 1999-2000 and 2005-2007. Recently, Balance Point Golf Schools was included in GOLF Magazine's list of the Best Golf Schools in America for 2008-2010, one of only 45 golf schools that were honored, out of over 2,400 schools in the nation. The primary criteria for these awards was "quality of instruction" based on survey results from actual golf school graduates. Every single fundamental that we teach has been rigorously researched, tested and proven. You can trust a curriculum that has this kind of scientific validity and proven record of success. We believe that we are the best golf school in America, primarily because our instructional content and ability to communicate it clearly to our students is second to none
  • Intensive learning using Total Immersion, seven to eight hours a day of in depth instruction, is the norm at a Balance Point Golf School. Unlike every other golf school, where you are given a few simplistic "band-aid" type swing thoughts to supposedly help counter your innate impulse to make the wrong move in your swing, we show you WHY you are making that bad swing move in the first place. Once you know the root cause, you can start to see rapid and dramatic improvement.You will have many "light bulbs" including several of the "super nova" variety at our schools. We call our rapid learning method "Deep Insight" . This kind of profound understanding at the subconscious mind level is the crucial first step in learning great golf swing and short game technique.
  • An effective alternative approach: Our truly original mind/body connection golf skills learning method is the answer you have been looking for to the often ineffective traditional golf instruction approach. If you have always felt deep in your heart that there simply had to be a "better way" to learn golf skills, you have come to the right place! Our proprietary Integrative Golf Mastery and Deep Insight models are revolutionizing the world of golf.
  • Fun! Our students really enjoy the intense learning environment, the staff and their fellow students. Several of our instructors are natural comedians and a typical school will often erupt in mass group laughter. We also teach a unique and often overlooked aspect of the mental game that enables our students to fully appreciate and enjoy the time they spend on the golf course - regardless of how well they are scoring!
  • Value - our tuition rates are a bargain compared to what some of our competition is charging. We are one of only a handful of top golf schools that actually provide a full seven hours a day - or more - of quality instruction. When you break down the cost of the golf school tuition on a dollar per hour basis, we simply can't be beat. Compare our tuition rates to Leadbetter, Golf Digest, Jim McClean, and Rick Smith golf schools and you will discover that you are saving literally hundreds of dollars on a multi-day golf school. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, especially in the Portland metro area, (or in Hawaii or Southern California in the winter) you will save many hundreds of dollars more on airlines, hotels and rental cars. Why fly to Phoenix when the best golf school in America is right in your own backyard?
  • Follow Up Support Program: Ours is the best in the business.We provide free 15 minute phone and email lessons for life. Graduates of our multi-day golf schools receive a free 30 minute phone consult after graduation to customize your personal practice program. Our instructors are available everday of your golf school for thirty minutes before and after the school session to work with you individually on improving your golf skills. And every multi-day (three or more days) golf school graduate receives an added bonus: discounted rates for individual private lessons.

The very important first step in your search for a quality golf school is matching your ideas about learning, practice and play to the school's teaching philosophy and curriculum. Matching leads to an effective learning experience. What kind of golfer matches up with our program and philosophy? You could rightly say that at Balance Point Golf Schools, we are looking for " a few good golf students" - intelligent golfers who are committed to real improvement, passionate about golf, skeptical of traditional instruction methods, who have an open mind and are eager to learn new golf skills.

This is gourmet golf instruction for the passionate golfer seeking an intensive learning experience and real performance breakthroughs. It doesn't matter at all what your current skill level is - attitude is everything! Our student success stories run the gamut from beginner to tour professional. The crucial question you must ask yourself is: "Do I want to get a little bit better temporarily or a lot better permanently?"

If permanent game improvement and real golfing skill is what you seek, then our schools are the logical choice. You cannot buy a game, but you can learn how to strike a golf ball solid, chip with deadly accuracy and putt with precision. If you truly love golf, and love to learn new golf skills - you will love Balance Point Golf Schools!.

Many of our students have told us that Balance Point Golf Schools is "the most honest golf instruction method on the planet...no hype... this is the real deal, non sugar-coated." We won't try to fool you with deceptive promises of "instant" improvement, stroke your ego with phony praise or encourage the very common belief that you can "buy a game". Nor will we "dumb down" our golf instruction to fit the demands of the mass marketplace. If you are golf savvy and smart enough to question the wild claims and marketing hype of some traditional golf schools ("learn to swing like a pro in a weekend and knock 15 strokes off your score!"), you have come to the right place.

Many golfers are engaged in an endless (and hopeless) search for so-called "instant improvement" through quick fix lessons, tips, faddish new swing theories, magic moves, swing "secrets", etc. These kinds of things have never produced real game improvement in the 600 year old history of the game. Never have, never will. That approach violates every law of motor skills learning that science has proven does work in every sport where it is applied - learning the basic fundamentals of the game in a logical sequence. Other golfers naively believe that they can avoid the process of learning/practice and somehow magically "buy" a game.

If this sounds familiar, think about the fact that you have very likely used that "quick fix" approach for many years and yet you still have probably not significantly improved your game. One definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same behavior over and over again and expecting different results! The first step to permanent game improvement is to simply stop doing what does not work. It's time to jump off of that futile "running on the hamster's wheel" of traditional 19th century golf instruction methods, of constantly looking for "The Answer", and step into the light of 21st century science-based instruction. Where rigorously researched, tested and proven golf learning principles can guide your game improvement program. That is the kind of program that creates real world results that you can depend on - consistent golf shots, lower scores, continual improvement and more fun from your game!

The real test of a golf school's quality of instruction and the learning going on in the golf school graduate's brain is simply this - how is that student performing a month, three months, six months and most importantly even a year later? Has the student acquired a set of basic concepts, fundamentals, principles and practice drills that function like a map or blueprint to guide her progress? Has she continued to experience new learning and performance breakthroughs along the way? Is he hitting the ball more solidly, longer and straighter? Have his scores come down?

Bottom line? Only you can learn how to play better golf. A teacher or method cannot do it for you. You have to be willing to immerse yourself in what many of our students call a fascinating and meaningful journey of constant learning and never-ending improvement. We call this mastery. The renown golf mental game expert Dr. Bob Rotella refers to this as "falling in love with the game improvement process". With that kind of approach, not only is success a certainty, but you have an extraordinary amount of fun along the way!

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Twice chosen by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation.

Golf Digest has named Jim Waldron as a Best Teacher in State for Oregon.

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