Since our founding in 1995, we have been deeply committed to helping our students really breakthrough to better shotmaking and lower scores. Results matter in golf. What kind of results can you expect from attending one of our cutting-edge golf schools? High quality golf shots - longer, straighter and more solidly at impact in the Long Game, deadly accurate shotmaking in the Short Game, and rolling the ball on the proper line and speed in the Putting Game.

Whether you choose one of our award-winning small group golf schools or your own Private Custom Golf School for the very best in one-on-one personalized instruction, you are sure to find a cutting-edge golf instruction program to fit your interests and your budget.

We offer both golf schools and private golf lessons, as well as corporate outings, clinics and seminars. Our home base is in Portland, Oregon where we spend the busy summer teaching season. Portland golf lessons and golf schools run from mid-May through October.

Our Hawaii golf schools are conducted each year in December and from April 1 through May 10th. Honolulu golf schools feature our signature cutting-edge golf instruction on full swing mechanics, short game and mental game. Our California golf schools are held January through March. Our Palm Springs golf schools cover all of the game's fundamentals in a picture perfect Desert environment.

Our golf school graduates tell us that we are most unique and most effective golf school in America. We are revolutionizing the golf instruction world with our groundbreaking new holistic model for helping golfers achieve their dreams of playing better golf. The Balance Point way is the critical missing link in golf instruction. A balanced blending of both physical/mechanical and mental training is the key to success in golf.

This mind/body connection model also simply means that when learning golf's physical skills, your mind must first clearly understand exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish. Then - and only then - will you be able to train your body to effortlessly execute the proper swing and short game mechanics.

This very clear conceptual understanding of your golf swing at a deep layer of your mind (where all skills/habits come from) is the foundation for all physical learning of golf's fundamentals. This means having powerful learning breakthroughs on a regular basis as the key to mastering mechanics. Understanding brings clarity, which creates proper mechanics, which allows you to hit fantastic golf shots, which then gives you unshakable confidence. Most golfers - and most golf schools - skip over this vitally important first step of insight/understanding. The golfer then tries to "make" their body perform better mechanically. This creates a "mind/body disconnect" which never works and only leads to terribly inconsistent golf shots, higher scores and lots of frustration.

We coach our students in three primary areas: the outer game of golf swing and short game mechanics, the inner game of mental focus and emotional self control, and the keys to low scoring by mastering course management and playing skills on the golf course. We understand how the mind and body work together to create great golf shots! We only teach the proven fundamentals of the game - no bandaids, "swing thoughts", or magic moves. Fundamentals are forever - tips, new swing theories, fads and "secrets" fade away as quickly as they arrived.