Remote Lessons

Live Instruction via Webcam/Skype with Video Swing Analysis

With your laptop, smart phone or tablet webcam you can take a live lesson with Jim Waldron, from your home or the practice range. You will be able to see and to interact with Jim in real time. This is an exciting, new and affordable method of instruction that will become increasingly popular in the coming decade.

Jim Waldron will analyze video of your golf swing, short game stroke or putting stroke and then engage in a live interactive lesson with you via Skype webcam. You can send us your video via email, Google Drive, or the link to your own private YouTube account. (See Full Swing Videotaping instructions below.)

45 minute lesson: $95 (15 minute video analysis/30 minute webcam lesson)
One hour lesson:  $125 (15 minute video analysis/45 minute webcam lesson)
90 minute lesson: $180 (15 minute video analysis/75 minute webcam lesson)
Three hour series: $350
Six hour series: $690
Ten hour series: $1120

The Waldron Yips Cure Remote Lesson Programs

Waldron Yips Cure Program One: Breakthrough

Our Breakthrough program consists of four webcam sessions  with Jim Waldron – an initial 2.75 hour session, a 2.25 hour lesson 3-4 weeks later, another 1.5 hour lesson 3-4 weeks after the second lesson, and then a 45 minute followup session. This series covers the root causes of the yips, basic peak performance psychology concepts, and cutting-edge drills and exercises designed by Mr. Waldron to quickly show our client how to breakthrough to a yip free swing or stroke.  Golfers with mild to moderate intensity yips will experience significant improvement from this program.    

Fee: $775.

Waldron Yips Cure Program Two: The Next Step 

Clients with severe intensity yips will usually require one or more additional sessions to affect a complete cure.   Any additional individual one hour sessions are billed at $110 per hour.

(See Yips Videotaping Instructions below.)

Phone Consultation

This method works very well for mental game instruction. Minimum of 30 minutes of consultation at $65. Additional time is billed in 15 minute increments at $120 per hour.

How to Register

To request a remote lesson, please email or call our office at 503-997-2063. We will arrange a time for your Remote Lesson and send you the instructions for how to videotape your swing and/or putting stroke.

Full Swing Videotaping Instructions

1. Film 3 swings, 6 iron, no golf ball. Use a tee on the ground as your ball replacement from caddie view.*

2. Film close-up shot of your left hand grip on the club, then both hands.

3. Film three swings each club, from both DTL** and caddie views: wedge, 6 iron, hybrid and driver. Speak into the camera and report on the ball flight result.

* Caddie view is face-on view, camera focused at your sternum.
** DTL (down the line) view is camera behind you looking toward the target. Camera must be halfway between your toeline and the target line.

Google Drive is a good way to send videos to us.

Yips Videotaping Instructions

1. Send video of your swing or stroke that you believe has the yip from both down the line view and caddie view.

2. Include a few swings without a ball.

Google Drive is a good way to send videos to us.

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