Remote Yips Lessons

Waldron Yips Cure Program One: Breakthrough 

Our Breakthrough program consists of three webcam sessions  with Jim Waldron – an initial 3 hour session, a 2 hour lesson 3-4 weeks later, then another 1.25 hour lesson 3-4weeks after the second lesson. These three sessions will cover the root causes of the yips, basic peak performance psychology concepts, and cutting-edge drills and exercises designed by Mr. Waldron to quickly show our client how to breakthrough to a yip free swing or stroke.  Golfers with mild to moderate intensity yips will experience significant improvement from this program.  

Fee: $650.

Waldron Yips Cure Program Two: The Next Step 

Clients with severe intensity yips will usually require one or more additional sessions to affect a complete cure.

Any additional individual one hour sessions are billed at $110 per hour.

(See Yips Videotaping Instructions below.)

How to Register

To request a remote lesson, please email or call our office at 503-997-2063. We will arrange a time for your Remote Lesson and send you the instructions for how to videotape your swing and/or putting stroke.

Yips Videotaping Instructions

1. Send video of your swing or stroke that you believe has the yip. from both down the line view and caddie view.

2. Include a few swings without a ball.

Google Drive is a good way to send videos to us.