Program One:

Ten hours of real-time instruction via webcam (Facetime, Meet, Hangouts, Duo apps) with Jim Waldron over a period of three months, broken down into five sessions, spaced about three weeks apart. First session: 3 hours. Second session: 2 hours. Third session: 2 hours. Fourth session: 2 hour. Fifth session: 1 hour. 

Most of the sessions are done indoors in front of your home computer webcam, but two sessions, usually the third and fifth, ares done on the practice range, in real-time using your smartphone webcam.

Most of our students achieve complete elimination of their yip impulse by the end of Program One. Some of our students with very severe and long-standing yips issues will require Program Two to affect a complete cure.

Includes weekly feedback via email/15 minute phone consults while on the three month program and our video "Mastering the Mental Game."

Tuition: $1,195.

  Program Two: 

Five hours total instruction time broken down into three sessions of 1.5 to two hours. Most of these sessions are done indoors in front of your home computer webcam, but we may do a one hour session on the practice range.

Tuition: $575

Short Game Yips:

In our experience, the vast majority of golfers with moderate to severe short game yips (chipping, pitching, distance wedges, bunker shots) will require additional instruction with Jim Waldron to address mechanical flaws and "missing fundamentals" that make it very difficult for the golfer to consistently make solid contact between ball and clubface.  Sometimes Mr. Waldron will recommend to start with the mechanical changes first, before engaging with the more purely psychological issues of his Yips Cure Program.  The amount of instruction time needed for the mechanical improvements will vary depending on the student, but typically will range from two to four hours. About half of that time is done indoors in front of your home computer webcam, and the other half on the practice range. 

Tuition: $115 hour

(See Yips Videotaping Instructions below.)

How to Register

To request a remote lesson, please email or call our office at 503-997-2063. We will arrange a time for your Remote Lesson and send you the instructions for how to videotape your swing and/or putting stroke.

Yips Videotaping Instructions

1. Send video of your swing or stroke that you believe has the yip from both down the line view and caddie view.

2. Include a few swings without a ball.

Google Drive is a good way to send videos to us.