Dear Dedicated Golfer,

Results...that's really the bottom line in golf isn't it? The long drive that splits the fairway, the 6 iron approach shot that covers the pin, the 15 foot downhill breaking putt that curls in for make the shots, you shoot a low score. Yet why is it that in golf you so often fail to achieve the kind of results you know you are capable of producing?

If you're reading this letter you are very likely a passionate golfer, someone who loves the game and it's many challenges, a player with a burning desire to improve, to be the best that you can be. You may sense that there is another kind of golf game within your reach, far removed from your usual level of play...a game where you leave behind all of the doubt, frustration, tips, the "do this, don't do that" and the higher scores and discouragement that always seem to go along with that approach.

A truly enjoyable game where lower scores, consistent shotmaking making and confidence are the norm, not the exception. It's no really is possible to achieve your goals of playing better golf. If you're like most of our new students, you probably heard about Balance Point Golf Training from a friend or acquaintance who participated in one of our golf schools or private lesson programs. You no doubt heard their story of remarkable achievement and real improvement in their game and wondered, "Will it work for me too?" The answer to your question is an unqualified "YES!"

Why am I so certain? It really all boils down to just one simple thing - this system works. Balance Point students - of all ability levels, from beginners to professionals - have experienced significant, often dramatic improvement in their golf shots and scores. Our proven track record of helping our students achieve permanent game improvement results is the best in the industry. Longer tee shots, accurate irons, consistent shotmaking making enabled these Balance Point graduates to finally realize their dream of lower scores and more enjoyable golf. Now they walk onto the first tee with real confidence.


You can too. For much less than the cost of a new set of golf clubs you can develop a swing, a short game, or a mental game that will give you a lifetime of golfing enjoyment. This is an opportunity to participate in a learning experience that goes far beyond what is offered at any golf school anywhere for any price. Imagine what golf would be like if you were a truly skillful player, no matter what type of club you had in your hand...this kind of skill is the real source of satisfaction in golf.

We received GOLF Magazine's Top 25 Golf School in the nation award for 2001-2002 and again in 2003-2004, and we were a nominee for this award in 1999-2000 and 2005-2006. Mr. Waldron was also honored with GOLF'S Top Regional Teacher award (Northwest) from 2001-2008 and was a nominee for their Top 100 Teacher award in 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005. GOLF states "...this award is based on survey results from thousands of golf school graduates nationwide and is based on the quality of instruction...alumni of the schools told us that their experiences were overwhelmingly positive in helping them to play better golf." What was the key ingredient that finally made the difference in their performance? It's no mystery. We simply showed these golfers how to unlock their innate ability to learn: how to swing, chip and putt with real skill, how to maintain control of their thoughts and emotions, and how to practice. Our award-winning programs are so effective that over 98% of our graduates recommend Balance Point Golf Schools to family members, playing partners and friends. Our golf school graduates are so pleased with the positive results they have achieved, the majority return each year for more advanced instruction so that they can continue to improve their games.

Sound too good to be true? Here's a few examples. PGA pro Doug Hixson won the 1996 Northwest Open, his first major professional victory, just one week after his first Balance Point lesson. He credits his win to several powerful techniques he learned during that lesson. Kurt Schneider 's handicap dropped from a 24 to a 12 within 9 months of his Great Shot! school. His distances improved by two clubs on his irons and 30 more yards off the tee. Horst Mager, a beginner golfer, averaged 115 for 18 holes. One year after graduating from our Great Shot! swing school he was shooting in the eighties.

Matt Perry shot a career low round of 34, breaking 40 for the first time ever, on his home 9 hole course just three weeks after graduating from Great Shot! Kim Qually, a low handicap player, attended Breakthrough, my seminar on mental peak performance training, liked what she heard, and decided to test the effectiveness of these principles. She went straight from the seminar and played the front nine of a very tough Portland golf course for the very first time. She shot a record 31, 5 under par, from the men's tees, her career low round. Dennis Talavera improved his stroke average by 12 shots just six weeks after graduating from our Great Shot! swing school. Russ Hamm shot a personal best 38 for nine holes one week after Great Shot! and he never hit anything longer than a 6 iron in that remarkable round! His previous best 9 hole score was 45.

Similar results achieved by other Balance Point graduates can be found in the testimonials enclosed. Most of these people are average golfers, probably just like you, with no special athletic ability or talent for the game. They were discouraged, lacked confidence and some had even considered quitting a game they truly love. Through participation in a Balance Point Golf School or private lesson program these golfers found a way to renew their enthusiasm for golf, to "fall in love" with the improvement process, to make golf fun again.

Our student's competitive record speaks for itself - 185 tournament victories in the last nineteen years. Amateur Jim Weitzel won his club championship, his first tournament victory, one week after completing his Great Shot! golf school. He has since won a second title. The PSU golf team won the 1998 Big Sky conference title and repeated in 2004 after intensive coaching in Balance Point methods. PGA pro Michael Laudien won the 1998 PGA Club Professional Match Play Championship using principles learned in Balance Point private lessons on the mental game. PGA pro Tommy Hines qualified for his first ever PGA Tour event, the 2000 Sony Open, using our mental game techniques. If you're a good player who wants to be great, if you want to graduate from mechanics to scoring, our cutting-edge peak performance strategies will give you the tools you need to realize your goals.

Still not convinced this golf improvement system will work for you? Maybe you've tried traditional golf lessons where the instructor told you to remember a checklist of several "things to do" with your body and club during the very brief second and a half duration of your swing... and you ended up confused, tense and "paralyzed" from information overload?...or that his particular swing technique was "the only correct way to swing" - yet you just couldn't seem to get it? Perhaps you've attempted to learn the swing on your own through books, videos and golf magazines only to find that many of the top teachers recommend completely different and contradictory things? Perhaps you're a low handicapper with sound mechanics but your lack of expertise in the mental side of golf is keeping you from reaching your true potential as a player.

It's not surprising that so many golfers today are confused and cynical about golf instruction. Then you take that confusion about mechanics with you to the golf course and find yourself playing "golf swing" instead of playing golf. And your steadily climbing scores are the inevitable result. The good news is - you are not the problem! The problem is the traditional instruction model. A model stuck in a 19th century viewpoint about the golf swing, an unscientific method that simply does not work for the vast majority of golfers. Swing tips, the "natural swing", faddish "new magic moves", quick fix lessons, mandatory mechanical "positions", training aid gimmicks - even "positive thinking" have all been tried before. USGA scoring statistics prove that the average golfer simply has not improved after over 50 years of using these methods. There is a better way...a 21st century model that gets results. A model that has been rigorously researched, tested and proven...The Balance Point model. What makes us different from the usual golf school? At most golf schools the actual instruction part usually ends after the morning session and you end up playing golf in the afternoon, often with little or no on-course supervision. These schools typically try to cram a whole lot of material on every aspect of the game into these very short time periods for instruction. This is clearly not an effective approach.

At Balance Point Golf Schools, we take the opposite approach. Science has proven that golfers learn new skills most effectively when the school is focused intensively in just one key area: Full Swing, Short Game or Mental Game. Our golf schools are six to eight hours of powerful accelerated learning where you have plenty of time to experience real changes in your game - without being overwhelmed with a lot of complicated mechanics or swing theory. Our unique and effective drills make learning fun and easy. Because you have that extra time and attention, you will really "get it" by the end of the day. Powerful learning breakthroughs are the norm at our schools.

Something else we do differently at our schools: we won't have you beating balls for hours on end until you're just too tired to continue. You will shift from our outdoor classroom, where you learn important new concepts and drills, to the practice range where you will incorporate these concepts into your swing and golf shots.

Although this is an intensive full day of learning, it's a lot of fun and we take frequent breaks for rest and refreshment throughout the day. Most of our students, even our many senior players, choose to stay on after the session is over to practice their drills and golf shots on the range. If you're serious about improving your game, you will love this golf school!

What else makes Balance Point stand out from "the usual golf school"? The traditional instruction model focuses exclusively on the "external form" or swing mechanics. You are supposed to put this or that body part in a particular position at just the right microsecond during the swing. Knowing what your body should be doing in that microsecond and being able to actually do it out on the golf course are two very different things. And knowing exactly how to do it is the critical missing link in golf instruction.

This is where the mind and body interface and where real learning happens. And this is precisely why Balance Point Golf Training is revolutionizing the golf instruction world. Mechanics are vitally important but if you don't have an effective way to make them a dominant habit then they are worse than useless. When you're standing on the 18th tee, driver in hand, OB left and water right, and the club championship on the line, the last thing you want to be thinking about is where your right elbow should be pointing at impact!

At Balance Point Golf Schools, I personally lead the instruction at each and every school. I'm on the practice range all day working "hands on" with my students. You won't be learning about my system second hand from a staff assistant. Our low student/teacher ratio and small group format guarantees that you will receive the personal attention you need and deserve. Unlike many "Method" golf schools that use a single rigid model for everybody, our swing learning program is designed with the individual needs of real golfers in mind, from the high handicap amateur to the scratch professional.
We employ three different scientifically designed swing models that we match to our students' different levels of golfing skill and athletic ability. In other words, we won't ask you to try and make a swing move that you aren't truly capable of performing. At Balance Point, we fit the program to you, not you to the program. Your personality, body type, improvement goals - all are important influences that must be taken into account in order to insure a positive learning outcome.

One of our essential principles is that human beings are perfect learners. Anyone of average athletic ability can learn how to hit a golf ball reasonably long and straight. You begin by eliminating what doesn't work - all of the traditional instruction model "stuff" that you've tried in the past and that failed to improve your game. At our Great Shot! golf school we will show you what does work. You will learn the true source of power, accuracy, and consistency in the golf swing - the few essential (though rarely taught) fundamentals that are present in every great player's swing. When these basics are in place, you will hit the ball like you've always dreamed you could, even with an old hickory shafted mashie. When they are not in place, all the high tech computer-designed golf clubs in the world won't help your game. As Lee Trevino says, "It's the craftsman, not his tools." You can't buy a golf game - but you can learn a set of effective golfing skills that will last a lifetime.

Mastering these fundamentals will allow you to swing the golf club your way, yet with real freedom, simplicity, and effortless power. The golf swing, believe it or not, is not a "mystery". At Balance Point, we know exactly what the body and club must do during the swing motion to produce great golf shots. This is why Iron Byron, the golf robot, has never hit a bad golf shot. He was engineered to swing the club in harmony with those universal fundamentals. Any golfer can learn to do the same.
In Great Shot! you will learn: Exactly what you should be doing with your body, mind, and club to produce an effective golf swing. Why you are doing it in the first place so your understanding will be complete and so you won't "unlearn" it later on. Specifically how to do it, and most importantly, how to make this new swing your dominant habit. You will then experience - perhaps for the very first time - that wonderfully pure sensation of striking a golf ball solid and dead on to your target!
Our golf schools are not just about learning golf swing, however. In our acclaimed Breakthrough, Rip It to the Target! and Art of Scoring programs you will learn how to enter the Zone of peak performance. You will also learn simple and effective strategies for creating a high level of shot making consistency, over-coming fear, dealing with pressure, and powerful concentration techniques to help keep you calm, focused, and in control. If you are a good player with sound ball striking fundamentals but can't seem to take your best swing from the practice tee to the course - you need this program! Learn how to master golf's mental game and really breakthrough to a higher level of performance.

If poor putting and chipping is costing you strokes, consider enrolling in our one to three day Short Game schools. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to lower your golf score. We have developed a systems approach to the short game that is easy to understand, learn, and execute. This is an innovative and highly effective short game training system covering primarily putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shot technique.

Intelligent, effective practice is one of the vital keys to success in golf. We'll show you proven practice routines that will deliver the results you expect from your valuable investment in practice time and we'll send you home with a Personal Practice Program designed especially to fit your needs and goals. This creates significant game improvement in as little as 20 minutes a day, using special drills at home or in the office. That and one trip per week to the practice range is all it takes to build an effective swing or short game.
Your golf game can become a source of tremendous personal satisfaction and an opportunity for a lifetime of learning and play. If this is the kind of game you want, if this is the kind of golfer you want to be - give me a call at 1-800-898-4563 to enroll in the next school or private lesson program. Enrollment opportunities are limited due to our small class size, so call today and take that first step toward playing the golf of your dreams.

Jim Waldron
Director of Instruction

P.S. Don't just take our word for it - ask our students! Call our office and we'll send you a list of our golf school graduates who will be happy to speak with you about the positive results they have achieved. Or check out the testimonial page of our website, to read scores of positive reports from our students.

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