For Tour Professionals

Jim Waldron works with Tour professionals on swing mechanics, mental game, short game and putting game. Please call our office to speak to Mr. Waldron about how he can help you to breakthrough to a higher level of competitive performance. Our proven Balance Point mind/body connection approach is breaking new ground in helping our advanced player/students achieve their goals of extraordinary golf and tournament victories.

Jim is a pioneer in golf instruction, with his cutting-edge blend of Biomechanics and Neuroscience, that enables the gifted player to make swing changes at a much faster rate than traditional instruction and without the usual downside risks.

Jim Waldron is especially talented in three key areas that the touring professional will find beneficial.

  • One - the synchronization of the arm swing to the body pivot, which is the keystone of his golf swing model. If you are having swing issues like being "stuck", poor timing, over-active arms, poor connection of arms to torso, and a poor body sequencing pattern – and creating a two-way miss, or a bad one-way miss, he can fix your swing problem.

  • Two – mental focus issues. Jim will coach you on how to focus your mind on only one thing from just before the moment of takeaway until the finish of our golf swing, and on the correct thing to focus on, that will in fact strengthen your mind/body connection and eliminate any form of doubt, fear, flinching, steering or hit impulse.

  • Three – putting. Jim has developed a truly revolutionary and proven effective approach to mastering both the art (the mental side) and the craft (the mechanical side) of putting. He is especially gifted in helping his professional students really breakthrough to much improved performance in the vitally important area of short putts – from two to eight feet. As a touring professional, you know that missing putts of that length is extremely destructive to your golf score.

You will experience significant improvement in your short putting stats as soon as you start to use our methods in competition.

In-person instruction with Jim is offered at our main summer season facility near Portland, Oregon and in Palm Springs in the winter months. Jim is also available to travel to a tour stop for on-site coaching. Remote Lessons via Skype, YouTube or phone consultation are another option. For more information about working with Jim Waldron, please call our office at 503-997-2063, or email us.