The first video in our ten Module series, Jim Waldron’s Great Shot! Mastering the Craft of Ballstriking is now available for download.  $69.95   One hour and 42 minutes of viewing time.

Module One A: The Six Laws of Club Motion covers how the golf club design requires that the club move according to six laws of motion, that will automatically create the ideal impact conditions, and thus a great golf shot outcome!

I have found in my twenty-two years of teaching that most average golfers have no idea that the golf club must move in a very precise way in order to create three essential outcomes: solid contact on the center of the clubface, accurate golf shots and long golf shots. Solidness of strike, direction and distance are the keys to better golf. And it starts with understanding what these Six Laws are all about. Once that understanding is in place, you will find that training the body motion to be closer to how a tour pro moves his or her body is much easier to achieve. This first in a series of ten videos devoted to the craft of ballstriking excellence is the essential first step in your journey to extraordinary golf.

Module One B and Module Two: The Arm Swing Illusion are coming soon.  Module One B covers the basic building blocks of the Laws of Body Motion: grip, setup, aim, baseline balance and tempo, and swing theory.  Module Two: The Arm Swing Illusion is an in depth exploration of Jim Waldron’s groundbreaking swing theory and a mind-bending introduction to the first real breakthrough in 21st century golf instruction: how to understand and visualize your golf swing in 3 dimensions.

My discovery of the Arm Swing Illusion is generating quite the buzz on

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