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Great Shot! E-Book (Epub)

This is the training manual for our Great Shot! golf swing fundamentals golf school. Jim Waldron says this about the manual "....this book covers 99% of everything I know about the golf swing, and not just the mechanics, or laws of body and club motion, but also the mental side of how to learn golf skills and how to practice to form dominant habits. It is meant to guide the student in a step by step process to the eventual goal of complete mastery of a truly effective golf swing."

Topics covered include: the Arm Swing Illusion and related Sensory Illusions, the nine elements of Educated Hands or grip fundamentals, Setup, Aim, Balance, Mechanics of the Pivot, Arms, Wrists and Right Arm, Swing Plane concepts, Tempo, How to Learn and How to Practice, the Six Swing Segments, etc.

200 pages, mostly text-based information with some illustrations and photos.

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From our readers:

"Downloaded your e-book...3 birdies resulted in my next round...unbelievable!!  Do you ever run teaching events in Australia?  Or do you have agents of your technique here?  I have learned more in one day of reading than in numerous expensive lessons I have taken. Many thanks."      Barry Swords, referring to the Great Shot! training manual

"....put simply, its pretty incredible. It starts with a section on learning itself, then goes to swing theory, then practice and then the nuts and bolts of applying the theory. Where this book excels is that doesn't just stop with highly technical information. It actually guides the student through applying it to his own game via drills and feelings. If you are on the fence about buying it - pull the trigger."      golfwrx,com instruction forum member

"Jim Waldron's Great Shot! ballstriking manual should be considered the Bible of modern tour pro golf swing instruction."     Jim Tolan, Ireland

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