Great Shot! Module One C: Swing Map Drills

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Module One Part C moves beyond mere swing theory, and shows you precisely how to translate that theory into actual physical execution, or new body movement patterns that will manifest in your golf swing without thought or effort. It is entirely devoted to our unique and proven effective swing map drills which will turbo-charge your ability to physically execute the fundamentals of the Jim Waldron swing model and quickly transform the way you strike the golf ball. This video is based on the essential principle of the brain-mind/body connection needed to imprint into your subconscious mind the proper body movement patterns, so that you can breakthrough to effortless, extraordinary golf and a swing you can trust.

The swing map drills and exercises cover: baseline balance and tempo, proper finish position, the primary power source in the golf swing, how to overcome the Hit Impulse and early wrist cock release fatal flaw, how to achieve a proper Release, Spine Angle and staying “down and through” in your posture, wrist mechanics, Triangle and arm mechanics, pivot mechanics, steady head, and many other vitally essential fundamentals.

One hour and 53 minutes. Available as a downloadable HD (1.1 GB) or DVD (740 MB) quality.

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