Great Shot! Module Three A: Advanced Arm Mechanics & Educated Hands

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Our Great Shot! Module Three video is devoted to advanced arm mechanics, "advanced" meaning more technical and detailed information on all aspects of the proper mechanics of the upper arms in the modern pro golf swing. This video takes the information covered in Module Two: The Arm Swing Illusion to the next level of intensive technical analysis and includes  swing concepts and drills that will enable the viewer to breakthrough to a clear understanding of the proper role of the arms throughout the entire golf swing. Jim Waldron's Key Move is one of the topics covered, and how that move along with arm rotation can help you to achieve much longer drives and to fix your slice once and for all. 

Educated Hands is the second main skill area in Module Three. Elements Five through Nine in Jim Waldron's Educated Hands for better golf system is about how kinesthetic or feel awareness for Hand Path, Clubface Angle, Clubhead Weight and related topics can help the golfer achieve more solid contact, more distance and more accurate golf shots.

Highly recommended to any golfer who has studied Module Two on the Arm Swing Illusion and wishes to build on that understanding."

Two hours and 55 minutes. Available as a downloadable HD (2.5 GB) or DVD (1.5 GB) quality.

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