Great Shot! Module Five A: The Levers and the Release

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Module Five in our Great Shot!: Mastering the Craft of Ballstriking video instruction series covers one of the most important fundamentals in the golf swing: the Levers of the wrists, right arm/elbow and forearm rotation, and how they “release” into Impact properly – creating solid contact, and long and accurate golf shots. This is the longest viewing time video in the series  by far – almost five hours total, which is a testament to how much influence these Mechanics have on your golf shots.

Topics include: the detailed mechanics of the Levers – wrists, right arm/elbow, forearms – both backswing and forward swing; the true meaning of Lag and how to achieve it; the toxic  effects of the Wrist Illusion and how to overcome it;  Pivot thrust and Left Wall formation; the Three Release Types and Release timing; how the Levers and their Release timing affects the clubhead path and clubface angle, and thus affects the direction and curvature of the golf ball; Active vs Passive Release options; what “passive arms” in Transition really means (hint – it does NOT mean slow-moving arms!) and how the Pivot will bring your arms down into the proper delivery position; Power Sources – myths and fact; simple moves to dramatically increase your clubhead speed and distance; SuperConnection of the arms to the body during Release and why it is so essential to long, accurate golf shots; exposing the toxic myth of the “lead arm off the chest during Release” Fallacy; how the proper use of the arm rotation affects the shaft plane angle and clubhead path; the crucial Hand Switch concept and how it will radically change your understanding of power in the golf swing, and several related subjects.

Three hours and fifty-two minutes total viewing time, divided into two download files.Available in HD (2.4 GB) or DVD (1.3 GB) quality. 

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