Great Shot! Module Six: The Six Mini-Swing Segments

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Module Six (The Six Mini-Swing Segments – Integrating the Mechanics) is an in depth de-construction of  Jim Waldron’s ideal golf swing model, focusing in on each of the six sequential mini-swing segments: Takeaway, Second Half of Backswing, Transition, Release to Impact, Followthrough, and Finish.  The Three Mechanical Systems of the Pivot, Arms, and Levers (right elbow, wrists and forearm roll) are blended together into one integrated swing motion, in each of those six segments. Jim Waldron and his assistant instructor Dan cover each of those swing segments in incredible technical detail, including common swing flaws and their fixes.  Additional topics included are Jim’s favorite Big Picture Swing Concept, a simple mental image of the golf swing that you can take to the golf course and see immediate improvement, and more of his proven effective concepts about how to learn and practice effectively.

This is a “must watch” video for any of Jim Waldron’s fans and students who wish to breakthrough to a higher level of golf swing insight, understanding and execution.”

Four hours total viewing time, divided into Part A and Part B as separate download files. Available in HD (2.65 GB) or DVD (1.6GB) quality. 

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