Great Shot! Module 7: Balance

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The Module Seven video in our Great Shot!: Mastering the Craft of Ballstriking video instruction series is devoted to one of Jim Waldron’s three Master Fundamentals of the Golf Swing: Balance, and how the Lower Body performs in the model golf swing. Topics covered include: Dynamic Balance, ballstriking balance drills, balance points in the feet, Vertical Balance Line, ground force pressures, the truth about “weight shift” in the lower body, Lower Body Stability Platform and why it is so essential to good ballstriking, the toxic influence of the Righting Instinct, Balance centers in the body, proper footwork, the Sam Snead bow-legged “squat” and how the proper mechanics of the knees, feet, legs and hips will allow you to achieve much more consistent ballstriking. 

One hour and 22 minutes total viewing time, divided into Part A and Part B as separate download files. Available in HD (2.65 GB) or DVD (1.6 GB) quality. 

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