Great Shot! Module 8: Tempo, Rhythm and Timing

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Module Eight: Tempo, Rhythm, and Timing is the final video in our Great Shot!: Mastering the Craft of Ballstriking video instruction series.  These three fundamentals have a huge impact on your ability to hit a golf ball solidly, accurately and long. Jim Waldron will show you how to identify the proper Tempo for your golf swing, and how to blend that smooth and consistent Tempo with fluid Rhythm.  Proper Tempo and Rhythm will enable you to swing with good timing and sequencing of your body parts and club, so that you arrive at impact "on time" for a solid strike.

Timing of the Release of the wrist cock angles is covered in depth, and Jim demonstrates several of his unique drills that will help the viewer to better understand how to achieve a well-timed Release. Understanding the role that Tempo and Rhythm play in the essential fundamental of clubhead path is also explained.

2.5 hours viewing time. Available as a downloadable HD (1.6 GB) or DVD (800 MB) quality.

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