NEW RELEASE: The Art of Shotmaking: Mastering the Mental Game, Part One

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The Art of Shotmaking: Mastering the Mental Game is our first video instruction series devoted to the breakthrough "Jim Waldron Method" of mental game peak performance.  Jim has rapidly developed an international reputation over the past two decades as one of the top mental game coaches in the game, working with tour pros, top college golfers, and weekend warriors. Part One is a comprehensive video that covers the basics of mind/body connection psychology for better golf, including concepts, drill and exercises for improved mental focus, dealing with stress/pressure when playing, emotional dis-engagement from shot outcomes, over-coming "paralysis from over analysis" and how to conquer  the toxic "ball bound"  impulse are just a few of the main topics covered in this video.  Jim will show you how to "switch off" the conscious mind (that tends to interfere with your innate ability and cause a 'flinch') and "switch on" your powerful subconscious mind so that you can "flinch-proof" your swing and stroke. 

If you struggle taking your range swing/shot outcomes to the golf course, you need this video!   3 hours/25 minutes total viewing time divided into two videos as separate download files. Available in HD (2.65 GB) or DVD (1.6GB) quality. 

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