Great Shot! Module Two: The Arm Swing Illusion

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Module Two: The Arm Swing Illusion is an in depth exploration of Jim Waldron’s ground breaking swing theory and a mind-bending introduction to the first real breakthrough in 21st century golf instruction: how to understand and visualize your golf swing in 3 dimensions.

The Arm Swing Illusion video will teach you how the arms really work in the modern tour pro golf swing and why your current arm motion may be hampering your improvement. It explains why what you think you see a tour pro doing is not what is really happening.

You will learn how to: stop taking the club away inside the proper plane; blend your pivot motion with your arm pushaway; stop "getting stuck" with the arms behind your body, once and for all; see the swing in true three dimensional space; hit the ball further, straighter and more solidly than you ever thought possible; see through the conflicting information and see the missing link in traditional golf instruction; keep your club in front of your body and what in front really means; and improve your downswing where the illusion is most destructive.

You will discover the relating illusions that make it harder to learn how to swing the golf club than it needs to be. See the drills, clearly explained and demonstrated, that will correct your flaws and have you striking the ball better than you ever have before.

De-constructing the arm swing illusion allows you to remove a major source of the frustration and failure that inevitably happens when the illusion is operative in your mind.

Two hours and 38 minutes. Available as a downloadable HD (1.36 GB) or DVD (890 MB) quality. The HD quality file may take considerable time to download due to its size. If you are concerned about download time or storage space, consider purchasing the DVD quality rather than HD version which is a smaller file and quicker to download.

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