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Jim Waldron's Balance Point Golf

My primary goal as a teacher of this great game is to give my students the insights and information that will enable them to breakthrough to extraordinary golf.

My teaching method is a blend of biomechanics and mindfulness practice, covering both the "what to do" with your body and club, and the "how to do it" with your mental approach to learning, training and performing in golf."

- Jim Waldron

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Twice chosen by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in the nation.

"The most significant advancement in golf instruction in over twenty-five years....alumni of the golf schools told us that their experiences were overwhelmingly positive in helping them to play better golf."

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“I learned more about the golf swing and how the game is played in five days with you than I learned in my previous 45 years of reading, instruction and playing. Your knowledge and enthusiasm made for a truly valuable learning experience. Having attended other golf schools and seeing only minor improvement and gaining little real knowledge, I am truly a convert and true disciple of Jim Waldron and the Great Shot! golf school!"

- Herb Hipsher, Hawaii

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"My ball striking ability has already improved beyond what I had hoped I could ever achieve. I'm making such consistently good contact that my scores are now regularly in the 70"s...I'm gaining at least 10 yards in distance on all of my clubs and am hitting some of the longest drives of my career. Thanks, Jim!"

- RD Ferren, OR after taking our Great Shot! school

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"Outstanding! I am amazed at your knowledge and your ability to breakdown the golf swing on a physical, mental and emotional level. Thank you for making practice so fun, especially on the range. And thanks for already helping me to realize my potential to play better golf - my short game has already greatly improved."

- Bob Jalovi, Spokane, WA after attending our Great Shot! and Short Game schools

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"Mr. Waldron – thank you so much for being such a great teacher. You quickly diagnosed by real problem and got my game back on track. Your insights and ability to communicate your concepts has helped my golf game tremendously."

- Clare Dittemore, winner of four tournaments within weeks of working with Jim Waldron

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Videos & Podcasts about Jim Waldron & Balance Point Golf Instruction

Podcast: Here is Jim discussing his Yips Cure Program with Fred Greene on the #! Golf Podcast on the Web, GolfSmarter.  It’s over an hour in length and Jim goes into a lot of detail about the root causes for the Yip Impulse and the Keys that are the foundation of the Cure Program: special techniques for replacing fear/anxiety with rock solid confidence and mental focus and awareness training.

Video: Jim discussing his Yips Cure Program in his video instruction series.

Podcast: Another GolfSmarter podcast with Jim discussing his overall swing instruction philosophy with  a special emphasis on his renownwd “Arm Swing Illusion” concept.

Podcast: Jim discussing the Chipping Yips.

Video: An extract from one of Jim’s instruction videos in his “Great Shot!: Mastering the Craft of Ballstriking” series. This particular video extract features Jim discussing some of his ideas about the Transition move in the golf swing, or the detailed Mechanics of the start of the forward swing.

Video: An extract from Jim’s two hour video devoted to his groundbreaking “Arm Swing Illusion” concept, part of our “Great Shot!: Mastering the Craft of Ballstriking” 13 video instruction series covering all of the essential fundamentals and skills of the Jim Waldron ideal golf swing model.

Find more information on Jim's videos here.

"Jim Waldron of Balance Point Golf Schools could be the most interesting and compelling of the coaches I've ever spoken to..."     Fred Greene, host of the most popular golf instruction podcast on the web, GolfSmarter