Great Shot! Module Four: Mechanics of the Pivot

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This is Jim Waldron's in depth exploration of all of the mechanical components of the modern golf swing Pivot Motion.  The Pivot has the most influence of all the mechanical "puzzle pieces" in the golf swing since it is the source of most of your Power, Balance and Swing Geometry or Swing Shape. 

Some of the topics covered are: Weight transfer, Centered Pivot, Spine Angle, Spine tilts, Hip Flexion/Extension, the Tilt Illusion, Pivot Thrust, influence of Pivot on Balance, Core rotation, Hip Rotation, Torso Rotation, Steady Head and Upper Swing Center, Lower Swing Center, Transition Trigger, Pivot Thrust Trigger, Lower Body Stability Platform, Power in the golf swing and several other pivot-related elements.

If your goal is to master the craft of ballstriking by employing the modern pivot-based golf swing motion - like all of the current tour pros and top amateur players are now using - this is the one Module in the Great Shot! series you cannot afford to miss!

Two hours and forty-two minutes total viewing time, divided into Part A and Part B as separate download files. Available in HD (1.45 GB) or DVD (785 MB) quality. 

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